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Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA) 

Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA) is an NGO which started in 1999 with the name Women in Agriculture Association (WIAA), Makurdi. This name was later changed by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) during registration on the 21st of September, 2011 to its current name.

The Mission of the association is to Reduce poverty and Empower rural women to take valid decisions on their own. Its program focus areas include:-

  • Empowering rural women through Capacity building and empowerment;
  • Linking Small Scale farmers to incentives, inputs and market opportunities;
  • Agricultural Policy Advocacy;
  • Women Rights advocacy and Governance;
  • Sensitizing women and building their capacity to take leadership roles and participate in governance to influence decisions that affect their lives;
  • Youth and women empowerment through Agriculture and Entrepreneurship;
  • Climate change Awareness and sensitization.



— Leadership and Excellence:

Being experts in our field, delivering insightful and impactful evidence-based solutions by pushing boundaries, being creative with new and old solutions and approaches.


— Transparency and Accountability:

Our work is guided by the highest level of transparency and accountability using approved due processes and diligence. It means we use holistic internal and external controls of income and expenditure that entrench value for money as well as complying with all laid down procedures for income, expenditure, and execution of projects/programs.


— Team work

Accomplishing tasks through collaboration with other individual members, accepting others, bringing their different skills together to achieve a common goal. This entails collectively sharing in the success and taking responsibility for lapses


— Partnerships:

Building relationships and sharing knowledge with others thus reaching more farmers than we could as individual organization and delivering long lasting change for Small Scale Farmers (SSFs)


— Service and Social Engagement:

We perform duties that will benefit the organization, team members and the society using our skills and resources to complement one another. It entails involvement of our stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries in order to create resilient and sustainable societies.



Reduce poverty and empower the rural women to take valid decisions on their own.


Ongoing Project

Improving the Adaptive Capacity of Female SSFs through Access to Flexible Financial Services in Benue and Plateau States in North Central Nigeria. December 2014 – to date (5Years) funded by Oxfam Nigeria. Budget: N65,000,000.00

Ongoing project

• Ensuring Effective Implementation of Programmes, Policies and Legislations that Contribute Towards Achieving Gender Equality in Nigeria by 2030. – June 2018 – to date (9months) Sub-grant from Women Environmental Program (WEP), financed by Kingdom of Netherlands. Budget: N600,000.00



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